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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Everyday Baby Care

Here is a baby sleep solution for all you new parents. If your baby if having difficulty falling asleep here is something you can try The Baby Sleep Solution Audio Program Your baby can sleep through the night - Every Night ... Guaranteed! Here are some testimonies from persons who have used The Baby Sleep Solution Audio Program

“She was sleeping through by the third night. Bliss!”

Dear Chris,
The [........] technique worked best for us. We had two sleep issues to deal with – settling to sleep at the start of the night, and settling back to sleep without a feed during the night. Both issues associated with feeding but that technique worked for both.
It took our daughter one night to learn that she could settle herself to sleep after the usual routine. It took a little longer for her to get used to not having a feed at night, but she was sleeping through by the third night. Bliss! (Although she sometimes still wakes up in the small hours and sings and babbles to herself she no longer cries for a feed.)
I loved the format of the audio book. It’s nice and short so it’s easy to get through. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with that – the last thing I wanted to do was trawl through lots of pages on why babies have sleep problems and case studies.
Thank you so much!
With best wishes,

“Baby Sleep Solution audio is great”

I think your Baby Sleep Solution audio is great. Your tone is extremely calm, clear and confident. I have done quite a bit of research on sleep problems myself and found all the most useful tips in your audio, plus several more. Books seem to recommend one or two techniques, but you have offered so many that everyone should be able to find a solution.
My partner Neal downloaded the audio, so I hadn’t seen the ‘waking in the night’ bonus track, as he had missed it, but that seems to be just what we need! I hadn’t considered the idea of Jacob not getting enough sleep in the day as a cause for him not sleeping at night, so will start with keeping to a more regular time for his afternoon nap and making sure that it’s long enough every day. Thanks again.
Kate Andrews
Derby, United Kingdom

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