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Friday, 28 October 2011

Baby care through TLC

Caring for a baby at first can be a very tedious task but by now you must be getting the hang of it. Remember to make sure that baby is getting all the shots he should be getting, this is very important so check with your pediatrician to make sure you are right on track.  You now have to get to know your baby, like why is your baby crying and how to be there for him. Your baby could be crying for many reason such as :

  • baby maybe hungry
  • baby may need changing
  • baby may have gas which is causing a tummy ache and just think of yourself how uncomfortable this can be
  • it probably may be as simple as the baby needs to be burped, so make sure to burp after feeding.
It could be just that baby just  needs some comfort, a little TLC perhaps. However, if baby is still crying you should seeks medical attention. For more information go here 

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